Installation at Rua, Milan. 
!16 portaits painted on cardboard, istalled on a wooden panel and closed by a plexiglas box.


Wall paint at Titici showroom, Asola

Wall paint on wall, 300x240 cm.



Timberland store, Via Orefici 11. Milano

Creazione e realizzazione di un Totem.

Realizzazione di un Totem di legno rappresentativo della collaborazione tra Timberland e Tommy Hilfiger. 

realizzazione del totem di legno rivestito di carta sul quale sono state dipinti ed incollati due soggetti. Sul totem   è stato inoltre  incollato l'albero logo  Timebrand (composto da un collage di pezzi di cartoncino nero) più elementi della collezione collaborazione dipinti ed incollati. 

Creation of a wooden Totem representative of the collaboration between Timberland and Tommy Hilfiger. Realization of the wooden totem covered with paper on which two subjects have been painted and glued. The Timebrand logo tree (composed of a collage of pieces of black cardboard) plus elements of the painted and glued collaboration collection was also glued to the totem.


Cycling kit design. Client Sportful

Graphic design. 


graphic job on Titici new road frame

Rouler classic show London

Commissioned work by Titici bikes.
Graphis design on frame which has been painted in collaboration with Tony Spray.
Presented at The Rouler classic show London 2019.



Titici custom

painted frame for Titici bikes

Commissioned by Titici bikes 


Patagonia for the environment

wood work at Patagonia flagship store Milan

Commissioned wall by Patagonia Europe for the flagship store Milano.
Painted shaped wood figures.


Sagan's portrait @ Sportful stand

Friedrichshafen, Eurobike 2019

Commission work by Sportful for the Eurobike show 2019.
A painted Sagan's portait.


Painting glass in Amsterdam

Maats, cycling culture space, Amsterdam

Commissioned by Alba Optics.



Alba Optics ride at The Service Course, Girona.

Sunday Salida.

Shop window painting.

Commisioned by Alba Optics.

Photos by Luca Gentile @bigchiefluca  


Patagonia for the environment

Commision work from Patagonia Europe. 
Window display painting against the environmental crisis. 



Pistrada, Leipzig (D)

shop's window display painting action

I have been asked to paint one of my "vintage looking" character on one the window display of a supoer nice bicycle shop in Leipzig, germany.
Thank you Ronald. 



The "Starry Night"

reproduction of the famous painting by Van Gogh

In occasion of the exhibition "Vangoghalivegenova" I have been commissioned to paint the pipe that lies at the Old port of Genova. 


"Save the blue heart" environmental campaign

window display painting action

Window display painting of the Patagonia flagship store in Milan.
Patagonia's european campaign agaist the construction of dams along the Balkan areas in Europe. 



Patagonia Milano 15th Anniversary

Hand painted logotype realised for the 15th anniversary of the Patagonia store Milan. 

80 Patagonia tshirts have been screenprinted and sold at the store saturday, october 21st for the anniversary. The proceeds of the purchased tshirts has been entirily used from the store team in collaboration with Selvaurbana to buy and plant 120 trees in the city of Milan.

Vote the environment. 



Cinelli Circus Show

Happy and Proud.
 Mr. Antonio Colombo, the owner of the prestigious bicycle company -  Cinelli - invited me at the Cinelli Circus Show to paint during the day where his company presented the new 2018 collection. I usually dont paint live 'cause its not my thing  but I thought this occasion to be special since I am a passionate cyclist.    I couldn't resist and I painted a clumsy ciclyst. Why clumsy? 'cause nowadays evertything has just to be be beautiful represented (social networks and bla bla bla) where in reality, I believe, things and people  are far away to be perfect...... and the ideal of beauty make people struggle.


Contemplation as Definition of Self. The Courage to Live in Uncertainty. Why trust Reason only? 

VAP - Venice Art Projects - 11 May - 25 June 2017

Contemplation as Definition of Self. The Courage to Live in Uncertainty. Why trust Reason only? 
this exhibition includes a selection of my latest works complementing a site-specific project which I produced on three building-site fencing panels that up until a few days before the opening were used to cover the windows and the entrance door of the location at 1830 Fodamenta San Gioacchin during the restoration works.

In questa mostra La contemplazione come costruzione del sé. Il coraggio di vivere nell'incertezza, perché della ragione solo fidarsi? una selezione dei miei ultimi lavori fa da cornice ad un lavoro site-specific realizzato sui tre pannelli da cantiere che hanno coperto fino a pochi giorni prima dell'inaugurazione le vetrine ed il portoncino dello spazio al 1830 di Fondamenta San Gioacchin, durante i lavori di restauro. 



Luca Di Maggio x Maglianera

A cycling apparel collaboration with Maglianera cycling

Cycling is a foundamental part of my life.
The collaboration between Maglianera and my artwork turned out to be really interesting. 
I like people wearing these socks while pedaling and struggling to get to the top of a mountain pass or speeding up to give their best to get to the finish line of their cycling day as fast as they could.



2017 Jahreskalender

Limited edition artist calendar

Really happy about this graphic collaboration work with 3 well known Eastern Germany artists:

Moritz Götze - Beck - Wessermann

Each of us prepared 3 drawings. Some drawings have been screenprinted and some others have been etched.

One of each 12 prints have been bounded together in a calender. The edition of 70 calenders have been purchased by mainly German collectors. 

I drew my work in Halle (Saale, D) on invitation of mr. Götze and screen printed them out in Leipzig. 


Cinelli Vogorelli Di Maggio

Commissioned work by Cinelli

Two   custom        P a I n T  e D         Cinelli Vigorelli frames .

I am happy and proud about this work!
These are the First Place prizes  (man and woman) given to the winners of the Coppa Agostoni Cinelli that took place at the beginning of september 2016 in Lissone (Milan).



Coppa Agostoni Cinelli

Cycling cap design and a large painting.

Together with Cinelli we designed the cycling cap for The Coppa Agostoni Cinelli. 
I also painted a cylist to illustrate the Coppa Agostoni Cinelli bicycle race in 2016.

Paint on paper. 
200 x 140 cm
Private collection Cinelli


We vote the environment.

Patagonia flagship store's environmental action campaign, Milan.

Painting Patagonia flagship store's shop window during the environmental campaign action to protect our preciuos environment. 


Serbatoio e casco

Custom painted work

I have been asked to paint a motorcycle's tank and the helmet. 
Thank you Francesco.